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September 10, 2020

We’ve created an exemplary e-commerce website laying core emphasis on the Website’s UI/UX delineation subsequently taking into deep consideration the Brand Identity & Self Innovation to enhance the stigmatization of the website.


Rebuild a unified shopping system for the ecommerce endeavour, made of self innovation which can change the world in a while.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, UX Strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Ecommerce Website

  • Client


Open Project


HighAF possessed a brand identity to stand out from the crowd with a sense of innovation capitalizing the old traditional market. They provided us with an opportunity to create an ecommerce website to maintain the supply of self designed men & women accessories. Here at Kangaroo Agency, we try to grab every opportunity that is headed our way. So their was no doubt in exploring this too. We got an opportunity to push our limits & create something we never even thought of!

Process & Making

The process was pretty simpler but to provide the best of what we can, it always take lot more than just efforts. Our organization is all about a perfect blend of "Patience with Dedication" type of ideology. We initiated the same process of 17 Benchmark test to ensure we serve the best to our clients. But nothing can stop us, so we went through some minor hiccups preventing the website to load but at the end we solved it all.


We faced a few challenges preventing us to achieve the motive behind our client's vision. The Idea of including innovation with fabric was the major obstacle in the path, as at times the designs went too less to be made a choice from. Self Innovation hindered the number of choices as we couldn't update endless catalogues as it is not possible for us too, but with time we were able to manage and all went through.

The Outcome

The outcome as always is ravishing, with reaching hundreds of customers in the first few days itself. With our SEO expert we managed to generate desired user engagement & bring in potential customers for the firm. The new concept moved the users large enough to drive conversions for the firm and generate some revenue while providing what people aspire for. The outcome served ours's and theirs's purpose too.

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